Grain Belt Express

Grain Belt Express Tiger Connector

Bringing More to Missouri

The Grain Belt Express Tiger Connector is an approximately 40-mile-long electric transmission line that will connect existing power infrastructure located in Callaway County, Missouri to new power delivery. This new power delivery is provided by the Grain Belt Express transmission line to be built in North Missouri.

In linking Grain Belt Express to existing infrastructure, Tiger Connector will bring the economic and energy benefits of the Grain Belt Express transmission line to more Missouri homes, businesses and communities.

Final Proposed Route

Click or tap on the numbered squares below to view a detailed pdf maps showing the Final Proposed Route for the Tiger Connector submitted by Grain Belt Express in August 2022 to the Missouri Public Service Commission for review and approval.

Meeting Materials

Thank you to all who participated in our public meetings in July 2022. You can view the boards and the detailed table maps that were available during the meetings below.

Note, the resources linked above show route options that were prepared and presented prior to identification of the Final Proposed Route (shown in the adjacent map).

Our Commitment to Landowners

We’re building Grain Belt Express Tiger Connecter the right way–treating landowners with respect and fairness.

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Powering our Communities

  • 5X increase in power delivered in Missouri by Grain Belt Express

  • 4 nuclear plants of new transmission capacity with 50% of that power delivered in Missouri

  • Thousands of construction jobs supported

  • $4.4 Billion in energy cost savings for Missouri

  • $12.8 Million annual energy savings for 39 municipal utilities across Missouri

  • Millions per Year in new property tax revenue