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We’re not just building to deliver more affordable, reliable energy for Midwestern communities, we’re building with communities: creating jobs, collaborating with landowners, and supporting local institutions and nonprofit organizations along the route. 

  • $11.3 BILLION

    In energy cost savings delivered to route state consumers over 15 years.  

  • 22,300 DIRECT JOBS

    Created during construction of the line and enabled generation.

  • $20 BILLION

    In new energy infrastructure investment enabled.

Affordable Energy Across the Heartland

Grain Belt Express will deliver billions in savings to energy consumers across the Heartland by connecting our region to some of the most affordable, reliable untapped power in the country – domestic, primarily renewable energy located in Southwest Kansas. 


How it works

Grain Belt Express will deliver renewable energy generated in Kansas to neighboring “power pools” that serve consumers in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and elsewhere across the Midwest. By delivering more affordable power into each “pool”, all consumers connected to that grid benefit, regardless of whether your local utility purchases power from Grain Belt Express. And making greater power transmission between each “pool” possible, Grain Belt Express will improve reliability across the country when extreme weather or other events threaten the grid.

Creating a new energy infrastructure link between these grids will increase electric system reliability for each region and the states and consumers that are part of those markets. Here’s how:

  • Reliability Through Renewable Energy Diversity

    Grain Belt Express will diversify the energy mix available to consumers in the markets where it delivers power. 


    Energy diversity and reliability are closely related in the operation of the electric grid. For renewable energy resources, geographic diversity in particular is important.


    An energy mix that includes renewable energy sources from diverse locations is a more balanced, reliable energy mix. 

  • Emergency Two-Way Power Flow

    Grain Belt Express’s HVDC technology allows power to be precisely controlled to flow both eastward and westward. 


    This is especially important when emergency conditions require grid operators to rely on imported supply from other regions to meet power needs. 


    In February 2021, severe winter weather led to region-wide power outages across the Midwest that affected Kansas and Missouri. 


    During this severe weather emergency, had Grain Belt Express been operational and called upon by grid operators, the line would have made it possible to import substantial amounts of excess electricity supply from eastern grid regions to help alleviate or avoid outages in the Midwest. 

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How Grain Belt Express Benefits You

Landowner Relationships are a Top Priority

Across our projects, Invenergy has relationships with over 12,000 landowners, more than 80 percent of whom are farmers and ranchers. We know how to build, the right way, and that means treating landowners with respect and fairness. 

Landowner Information

This transmission line is one of the largest economic development projects in the entire state and will help power our towns, while saving every family and business in our communities a total of more than $12.8 million annually on our electric bills.
Missouri Public Utilities Alliance
You can’t have a strong business climate if manufacturers are worried about the reliability and cost of their power supply. There’s no question, manufacturers and the communities they support across our region will see significant benefits thanks to this essential investment.
Mark Denzler, President & CEO, Illinois Manufacturers’ Association
The savings from this project would be very important for our community. Growth has been tough…we’re losing jobs. Cheap renewable energy is key to not only maintaining the businesses we have but to give us some type of hope for growth.
Jeff Bergstrom, General Manager, Marshall Municipal Utilities 
Illinois Commerce Commission approval of this project is a big win for Illinois workers and our economy. The project has shown a commitment to hire residents to construct and develop this vital project in our state, creating jobs for our members across central Illinois.
Randy Harris, Director, Midwest Region of the Laborers-Employers Cooperation and Education Trust (LECET)

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