Grain Belt Express

Route Overview

The Grain Belt Express transmission project will carry an abundant harvest of low-cost homegrown clean energy from the Great Plains to millions of Americans in the Midwest and other regions. The line is routed to minimize impacts on existing land use and natural and cultural resources. The final route was determined through an extensive stakeholder input process, and Grain Belt Express will continue to work with landowners, communities, state and federal agencies, and other stakeholders throughout the easement acquisition process.

Building upon the unanimous regulatory approvals from Kansas and Missouri in 2019, Grain Belt Express will seek approvals to the extent necessary for expanded delivery to Kansas and Missouri as well as for beginning the first phase of project construction prior to Illinois regulatory approval. This will accelerate and enhance substantial economic development for Kansas and Missouri at a critical time for both states’ economies.

Grain Belt Express Final Route

The Grain Belt Express transmission line will span nearly 800 miles between Kansas and Indiana. Three converter stations will convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) and back again. Click or tap on the map to download a pdf version.

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380+ miles

With input from thousands of Kansans collected at more than 30 meetings, the Grain Belt Express routing team refined potential routes and ultimately selected a route. In 2011, the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) certified Grain Belt Express as a transmission-only public utility. View the 2011 Order. In 2013 it unanimously approved the route and granted Grain Belt Express a permit to construct the approximately 380-mile Kansas portion of the project. View the 2013 Order. The selected route minimizes the impact of the project on the natural and human environment in Kansas. Grain Belt Express amended its existing permit to accommodate an updated project schedule.

The Kansas Corporation Commission unanimously approved Grain Belt Express’ Siting Certificate Extension on September 26, 2019. View the 2019 Order.

Kansas Benefits

Up to 4,000 MW of energy transmission and associated new generation projects in Kansas, a combined investment of approximately $8 billion

Increased tax and other revenue to each county that hosts the line benefiting schools, roads, and other public services

$35M+ in landowner payments

Thousands of new construction jobs

2011 KCC certification as transmission-only public utility

Up to 2,500 MW of low-cost clean energy delivered to Kansas and Missouri customers

Up to $7 billion in electricity cost savings for as many as 2.4 million Kansas and Missouri residents

Broadband infrastructure for rural communities along the line route


200+ miles

The Missouri portion of the Grain Belt Express route is approximately 200 miles across eight counties. The route was selected following an extensive public engagement effort; including nearly 40 meetings with landowners, stakeholders, and public agencies. The routing team employed an iterative selection process that involved phases of gathering information, outreach, route development, review and revision. The selected route minimizes the impact of the transmission line on the natural and human environment in Missouri.

Grain Belt Express is a public utility in Missouri. The Missouri Public Service Commission (MPSC) voted unanimously to grant Grain Belt Express a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN) in March 2019, after a five-year public review process. Under the CCN the final route in Missouri is approved and the project is found to be in the public interest of the state of Missouri and its residents. View the 2011 Order.

Grain Belt already has a long-term transmission service agreement with the Missouri Joint Municipal Electric Utility Commission (MJMEUC) that will provide clean energy and $12.8 million in annual energy savings for 39 municipal utilities across Missouri.

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Missouri Benefits

$500M in project infrastructure investment

$35M in landowner payments

$7M in property tax revenue in first year of operations

$12.8M in annual energy savings for 39 municipal utilities across Missouri

2019 MPSC granted Certificate of Convenience and Necessity

1,500 jobs per year during 3-year construction period

Potential to install optical fiber along entire length of line to expand rural broadband infrastructure


200+ miles

Grain Belt Express used information gathered at more than 40 meetings to select the approximately 200-mile project route in Illinois. Grain Belt Express does not have a pending or proposed regulatory filing in Illinois and is evaluating options for the project in the state.

$30M to nine counties hosting the project over the first 20 years

$40M in landowner payments

Thousands of construction, manufacturing, and project jobs

$700M+ in new energy infrastructure in the state