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Company Announcements

Grain Belt Express Launches Open Solicitation Process to Offer HVDC Transmission Line Capacity Delivering to MISO/AECI

Grain Belt Express LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Invenergy Transmission LLC, today announced the launch of an Open Solicitation process to allocate up to 800 megawatts (MW) of transmission capacity on Phase 1 of the Grain Belt Express HVDC transmission line. The Brattle Group will oversee the process as the Independent Solicitation Manager.

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Invenergy’s Grain Belt Express Transmission Line Secures Last of its State Approvals

Today, the $7 billion, 800-mile Grain Belt Express electric transmission infrastructure project secured approval from the Missouri Public Service Commission (MPSC) for its request to amend its existing Certificate of Convenience and Necessity. The decision marks the last required state siting approval for significant enhancements to the project and provides the necessary certainty about power delivery to support ongoing and upcoming commercial contracting efforts.

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Grain Belt Express Approved by Kansas Corporation Commission

Topeka, Kansas (June 14, 2023) – The Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) on Tuesday granted a request to amend the existing regulatory approvals for the Grain Belt Express transmission project.

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Invenergy Transmission and Prysmian Announce Long-Term
Supply Agreement and Manufacturing Facility Expansion,
Bolstering America’s Electricity Transmission Supply Chain

Invenergy Transmission – an affiliate of American-led Invenergy, the leading privately-held developer, owner, and operator of sustainable energy solutions – and Prysmian Group North America – a world leader in energy and telecommunications cable systems – today announced a long-term supply agreement that includes a $22.5 million investment to expand domestic manufacturing capacity of advanced transmission conductor technology.

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Grain Belt Express Files to Bring Economic Benefits to Kansas Sooner

Grain Belt Express, an Invenergy Transmission project, filed last week with Kansas regulators to amend its project approvals to allow Kansas to realize the economic benefits of the line more quickly.

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Grain Belt Express Approved by Illinois Commerce Commission

Today, the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) granted the Grain Belt Express transmission line project a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN), marking the successful conclusion of over a yearlong public input and review process. The approval will enable $4.3 billion in expected energy cost savings for Illinois energy consumers, while helping to address growing concerns about regional power grid reliability.

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Grain Belt Express selects Siemens Energy as HVDC technology partner

Grain Belt Express, an Invenergy Transmission project, has selected Siemens Energy Inc. to supply the high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission technology for Phase 1 of the 800-mile project. Grain Belt Express will deliver 100% domestic, clean, and affordable electricity to homes and businesses across four Midwest states—Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana—and other regions. At 5,000 megawatts of capacity, it is the highest-capacity line in development in the United States, connecting grid regions that serve 40% of American households. Phase 1 of the project is proposed to include an HVDC transmission line that extends approximately 530 miles between the converter stations in Kansas and Missouri.

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Grain Belt Express Files to Bring More Power and Energy Savings to Missouri

Responding to Regional Market Demand and State Leaders’ Calls, Proposed Project Changes Would Deliver More Power and Energy Savings to Missouri, Benefitting Consumers Throughout Midwest

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Grain Belt Express Files for Final State Approval in Illinois

Updated economic impact figures, new estimates of energy cost savings, and final proposed routes are provided in Illinois Commerce Commission application

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Grain Belt Express Announces Expansion, Increases Energy Savings and Local Delivery

Responding to Regional Market Demand and State Leaders’ Calls, Project Changes Will Deliver More Power and Energy Savings to Missouri, Benefitting Consumers Throughout Midwest

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News Coverage

ENERGYWIRE: Can the Midwest build transmission fast enough for an evolving grid?

Without billions of dollars in high-voltage power lines, the region may not have enough electricity to meet demand in extreme weather. The Midwest’s grid operator is expected soon to greenlight the country’s largest-ever investment in new power lines to help states and utilities transition to renewable energy. It’s not nearly enough. Experts say that the roughly $20 billion effort, while unprecedented, may be half of what’s needed to support the region’s rapidly evolving power mix.

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MPUA continues to endorse Grain Belt Project

Missouri’s hometown electric utilities have reaffirmed their support of the Grain Belt Express transmission project (Grain Belt). A resolution affirming continued support of the project was passed March 9 by the MPUA Board of Directors that represents 120 hometown utility members.

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DOE eyeing loan guarantee for revitalized Grain Belt Express power line

The Energy Department is considering granting a loan guarantee to the recently revived Grain Belt Express Transmission line project, The Energy Daily has learned. If granted to underwrite the power line — which would cross four states and knit together four power markets — it would mark the first loan guarantee that the DOE has issued for a high-voltage, direct-current power line.

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Cheaper, Cleaner Energy In Kirkwood’s Future?

As winter approaches, energy consumers are getting frightening news about proposed price hikes for electric, natural gas, heating oil and more. Kirkwood Electric recently informed customers of an increase per kilowatt hour for their electricity.

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Grain Belt Express developer says new $7 billion plan will boost wind energy power

ST. LOUIS — A developer aiming to deliver wind energy across an 800-mile transmission line that’s long been stalled in Missouri announced Monday that it will expand the project’s capacity for even more power.

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What Is The Grain Belt Express?

WMAY 970 Radio – Springfield: Patrick Whitty and Mark Denzler interview on Grain Belt Express

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Regulatory and Construction Updates

Grain Belt Express is a regulated public utility in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana and is regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).    

Project Construction Timeline

Invenergy Transmission is proposing to construct Grain Belt Express in two phases.

  • Phase I extends from the line’s Kansas to Missouri interconnection points. Pending securing the required permits, Phase I construction is anticipated to begin as early as 2024.
  • Phase II extends from Missouri to Indiana interconnection points. The schedule for Phase II has not been determined.


The Kansas Corporation Commission issued Grain Belt Express a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CCN) to operate as a transmission-only utility in 2019. An amendment filing to request to amend the CCN will be filed in early 2023.


Grain Belt Express received its certificate of convenience and necessity by the Missouri Public Service Commission (MPSC) in 2019.

As a public utility in Missouri, Grain Belt Express already has a long-term transmission service agreement with the Missouri Joint Municipal Electric Utility Commission (MJMEUC) that will provide clean energy and $12.8 million in annual energy savings for 39 municipal utilities across Missouri.

In July 2022, a series of project enhancements were announced for Grain Belt Express in response to the regional market demand and State leaders’ calls to deliver more power and energy savings to Missouri. To meet this power delivery demand requires relocating the line’s mid-point converter station from Ralls County to Monroe County, Missouri, as well as the addition of a new, approximately 40-mile transmission delivery line, known as the Grain Belt Express Tiger Connector. These changes are necessary to reach the existing McCredie substation, where Missouri’s power grid is robust enough to handle large injections of power to improve energy affordability and reliability as State leaders called for.

In August 2022, an amendment was filed for approval of these changes which will bring five times more energy to Missouri than originally approved in 2019. A decision on the amendment is anticipated in the first half of 2023.


In 2021, The Illinois General Assembly passed legislation authorizing the project’s application to the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC). In July 2022, Grain Belt Express submitted its filing for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity with the ICC. A decision is anticipated in early 2023.


The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) issued Grain Belt Express a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity in 2013.


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has authorized Grain Belt Express to sell transmission capacity to potential customers of the project, including utilities and other load-serving entities or clean energy generators, and to negotiate agreements for 100% of the project’s capacity. Generator interconnection to Grain Belt Express will be subject to the requirements of the project’s FERC-approved open access transmission tariff.